Hello !
Let’s imagine that you are playing (now or in earlier times, or else you play in the near future ) World Of Warcraft. I can easily imagine that – otherwise, why you are here, reading this stuff ?
Now let’s suppose you want to earn more gold in this game – so if you feel playing, you happen to be in requirement for sure.
Well, I’m here to help you.
You will get a huge number of Wow Gold Guides spread in the net, promising that they’re the most effective and can enable you to get piles of gold – in a very really simple and fast way. And most of these guides may be buoyed for the mere 8 or 10 $ ( yes – unfortunately, they cost real dollars, not Wow coins ).
I have checked a great deal of this guides, I have even buoyed couple of them, in order to uncover actually supplying you with a great deal of unneeded information and really, are not helping. Or, even if many of the advices in that room are worthy, they’re applicable only in common situations ( if you’re member of an excellent guild for example ). Well, I suppose – you happen to be not happy to give your money with the, have you been ?
Well, that is why I will give you totally free with MY guide – I’m not giving any guaranties that you’re going to end up being the richest player inside your realm, with a large number of gold even within the alt. characters, or even when you need to do, that you’ll be able to earn all this gold in few hours. Nope.
But my guide is easy and practical, with advices shown to be working.
Let’s start with the 1st part
FIRST PART – Really basic advices.
– Never, I mean never buy any armor or weapons from the Auction, not before you decide to are in level 80. Let me explain – if you happen to be playing well your class and utilizing your skills, you will likely be capable to battle everything on the level with all the items obtained like a Quest rewards, the blues dropped in the bosses in most non-heroic dungeons and using the items produced by you.
From other hand, anything that you can purchase at lvl 40 is going to be useless at lvl 50 – would you like to spend gold for something that you’re going to have to give just after few levels ?
– Keep in mind that a lot of the players with your realm will buy weapons and armor throughout their leveling. Use this against them ! The rare ( blue ) merchandise is always needed and you will come up with a good amount of income putting them in the Auction House. This is true also for your low level epic items and for the good greens.
– Start with two gathering professions – I will choose mining and skinning , given that they will earn you gold even in the lowest levels – try selling stacks of Light Leather and Copper Ore by way of example. Also, you can keep the gathered resources – for later or for guildies which will need them. You can always start crafting at lvl 80.
– Never sell resources as ores, leather, herbs or gems on the NCP tradesman. Even if these are selling cheap inside AH, maybe after few hours something will alter. Maybe YOU will likely be able to change something ? ( to the business dirty tricks I will speak later, maintain patience for the present time ).
– Take the biggest bags as soon as may be possible. Trust me, this is good investment. In real terms bigger bags = longer timeframe for looting and leveling prior to going to the city again.
– Use your bank account. Use all slots within it. Maybe you have no idea of, however, you can put any type of bags inside bank slots ( like Mining or Herbalist or Engineering bags )
– As you know, you might have to enjoy up to ten characters in every server. You can sacrifice one of these to produce something really useful – your mule character.
Create him and go towards the nearest capitol. Send him bags and several money for bank slots. Use him !
This is whole inventory + checking account absolve to be filled with your expensive goods, without any places removed from tokens, badges or quest items. You will likely be able to store all things in here for later or selling.
Also, in the later stage, when you begin with your AH manipulations ( as I said – this will be within the next parts ) the entire server population will hate this mule, not your primary character. And this is really important.
– Add-ons. You will need them. Here are these that I much like the most.
Auctioneer – could make exactly what you do within the AH easier.
Onebag – it open all bags a single screen. Will save a little while.
Carnicrap – loot filter. You can set all settings things to be taken from your corpse and things to be destroyed, deciding on the items by type, quality or price. All guides will show you to maintain everything that comes with the corpses – this really is one really stupid advice.
Do you prefer bag brimming with broken tooth’s for 8 copper pieces each or with low-grade weapons that one could sell for 2-3 gold ? Full of sickly fishes for 18 coppers or Goldenscale Vendorfish using the nice price of 6 gold per piece ?
Exactly, it is not necessary the trash and also this add-on will assist you to.
Also, because Carnicrap has taken everything from your corpse inside a single click, this may help save hours if you are using skinning.
! Keep in mind – it is possible to skin the victims in the other players. So do it when the bodies appears to be leaved – it is a shame few items of good, expensive leather to be left on the floor !
This is for the present time – will publish another thing about this guide really soon.


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